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Dataset Title:  Processed CTD data from BH15-11 from R/V Blue Heron cruise BH15-11 in the
western arm of Lake Superior in August 2015
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Institution:  BCO-DMO   (Dataset ID: bcodmo_dataset_708293)
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Constraint #1 ?
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   Minimum ?
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   Maximum ?
 cast (unitless) ?          "001.01"    "005.02"
 station_name (unitless) ?          "CD-1"    "WM"
 latitude (degrees_north) ?          46.7502    47.332
  < slider >
 longitude (degrees_east) ?          -91.9442    -89.8223
  < slider >
 time (ISO Date Time UTC, UTC) ?          2015-08-26T13:01:12Z    2015-08-28T12:24:09Z
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 PrDM (decibars (db)) ?          0.978    248.107
 depth (Dep FM, m) ?          1.0    253.0
  < slider >
 T090C (degrees Celsius) ?          3.6843    12.9937
 C0uS_cm (microsiemens per centimeter (uS/cm)) ?          58.894493    75.966012
 Specc (microsiemens per centimeter (uS/cm)) ?          99.731    103.507
 WetStar (milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m3)) ?          0.2173    2.8455
 Sbeox0Mg_L (milligrams per liter (mg/L)) ?          10.936    13.5303
 WetCDOM (milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m3)) ?          0.5173    2.2135
 CStarTr0 (percent (%)) ?          63.765    96.994
 Par (microEinsteins per square centimeter per second (ueinsteins/cm2-sec)) ?          -0.002099    4123.3
 Orp (millivolts (mV)) ?          238.4602    303.2665
 Ph (unitless (pH scale)) ?          7.628    8.226
 Dz_dtM (meters per second (m/s)) ?          -0.594    0.416
 TimeS (seconds) ?          22.811    2167.954
 AltM (meter (m)) ?          0.64    100.53
 Latitude (decimal degrees) ?          46.74922    47.33442
 Longitude (decimal degrees) ?          -91.94403    -89.81964
 Nbin (unitless) ?          4    172
 Flag (unitless) ?      
   - +  ?
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The Dataset Attribute Structure (.das) for this Dataset

Attributes {
 s {
  cast {
    String bcodmo_name "cast";
    String description "Cast identier. Composed of station + cast (e.g. 002.01 = station 2, cast 1).";
    String long_name "Cast";
    String units "unitless";
  station_name {
    String bcodmo_name "sta_name";
    String description "Name commonly used to refer to the station";
    String long_name "Station Name";
    String units "unitless";
  latitude {
    String _CoordinateAxisType "Lat";
    Float64 _FillValue NaN;
    Float64 actual_range 46.7502, 47.332;
    String axis "Y";
    String bcodmo_name "lat_start";
    Float64 colorBarMaximum 90.0;
    Float64 colorBarMinimum -90.0;
    String description "Latitude at start of cast; obtained from .hdr files";
    String ioos_category "Location";
    String long_name "Latitude";
    String nerc_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P09/current/LATX/";
    String standard_name "latitude";
    String units "degrees_north";
  longitude {
    String _CoordinateAxisType "Lon";
    Float64 _FillValue NaN;
    Float64 actual_range -91.9442, -89.8223;
    String axis "X";
    String bcodmo_name "lon_start";
    Float64 colorBarMaximum 180.0;
    Float64 colorBarMinimum -180.0;
    String description "Longitude at start of cast; obtained from .hdr files";
    String ioos_category "Location";
    String long_name "Longitude";
    String nerc_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P09/current/LONX/";
    String standard_name "longitude";
    String units "degrees_east";
  time {
    String _CoordinateAxisType "Time";
    Float64 actual_range 1.440594072e+9, 1.440764649e+9;
    String axis "T";
    String bcodmo_name "ISO_DateTime_UTC";
    String description "Time and date formatted to ISO 8601 standard (yyyy-mm-ddTHH:MM:SS); obtained from .hdr files";
    String ioos_category "Time";
    String long_name "ISO Date Time UTC";
    String nerc_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/DTUT8601/";
    String source_name "ISO_DateTime_UTC";
    String standard_name "time";
    String time_origin "01-JAN-1970 00:00:00";
    String time_precision "1970-01-01T00:00:00Z";
    String units "seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z";
  PrDM {
    Float32 _FillValue NaN;
    Float32 actual_range 0.978, 248.107;
    String bcodmo_name "pressure";
    String description "Pressure, Digiquartz";
    String long_name "PR DM";
    String nerc_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/PRESPR01/";
    String units "decibars (db)";
  depth {
    String _CoordinateAxisType "Height";
    String _CoordinateZisPositive "down";
    Float64 _FillValue NaN;
    Float64 actual_range 1.0, 253.0;
    String axis "Z";
    String bcodmo_name "depth";
    String description "Depth (fresh water)";
    String ioos_category "Location";
    String long_name "Dep FM";
    String nerc_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P09/current/DEPH/";
    String positive "down";
    String standard_name "depth";
    String units "m";
  T090C {
    Float32 _FillValue NaN;
    Float32 actual_range 3.6843, 12.9937;
    String bcodmo_name "temperature";
    String description "Temperature [ITS-90]";
    String long_name "T090 C";
    String nerc_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/TEMPP901/";
    String units "degrees Celsius";
  C0uS_cm {
    Float64 _FillValue NaN;
    Float64 actual_range 58.894493, 75.966012;
    String bcodmo_name "conductivity";
    String description "Conductivity";
    String long_name "C0u S Cm";
    String nerc_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P02/current/CNDC/";
    String units "microsiemens per centimeter (uS/cm)";
  Specc {
    Float32 _FillValue NaN;
    Float32 actual_range 99.731, 103.507;
    String bcodmo_name "specific conductance";
    String description "Specific conductance";
    String long_name "Specc";
    String units "microsiemens per centimeter (uS/cm)";
  WetStar {
    Float32 _FillValue NaN;
    Float32 actual_range 0.2173, 2.8455;
    String bcodmo_name "fluorescence";
    String description "Fluorescence measured by WET Labs WETstar";
    String long_name "Wet Star";
    String nerc_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/CPHLPM01/";
    String units "milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m3)";
  Sbeox0Mg_L {
    Float32 _FillValue NaN;
    Float32 actual_range 10.936, 13.5303;
    String bcodmo_name "dissolved Oxygen";
    String description "Oxygen measured by SBE43";
    String long_name "Sbeox0 Mg L";
    String units "milligrams per liter (mg/L)";
  WetCDOM {
    Float32 _FillValue NaN;
    Float32 actual_range 0.5173, 2.2135;
    String bcodmo_name "fluorescence";
    String description "Fluorescence measured by WET Labs CDOM";
    String long_name "Wet CDOM";
    String nerc_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/CPHLPM01/";
    String units "milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m3)";
  CStarTr0 {
    Float32 _FillValue NaN;
    Float32 actual_range 63.765, 96.994;
    String bcodmo_name "transmission";
    String description "Beam transmission measured by WET Labs C-Star";
    String long_name "CStar Tr0";
    String units "percent (%)";
  Par {
    Float32 _FillValue NaN;
    Float32 actual_range -0.002099, 4123.3;
    String bcodmo_name "PAR";
    Float64 colorBarMaximum 70.0;
    Float64 colorBarMinimum 0.0;
    String description "PAR/Irradiance measured by Biospherical/Licor";
    String long_name "Downwelling Photosynthetic Photon Radiance In Sea Water";
    String units "microEinsteins per square centimeter per second (ueinsteins/cm2-sec)";
  Orp {
    Float32 _FillValue NaN;
    Float32 actual_range 238.4602, 303.2665;
    String bcodmo_name "unknown";
    String description "Oxidation reduction potential";
    String long_name "Orp";
    String units "millivolts (mV)";
  Ph {
    Float32 _FillValue NaN;
    Float32 actual_range 7.628, 8.226;
    String bcodmo_name "pH";
    Float64 colorBarMaximum 9.0;
    Float64 colorBarMinimum 7.0;
    String description "pH";
    String long_name "Sea Water Ph Reported On Total Scale";
    String nerc_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/PHXXZZXX/";
    String units "unitless (pH scale)";
  Dz_dtM {
    Float32 _FillValue NaN;
    Float32 actual_range -0.594, 0.416;
    String bcodmo_name "descent_rate";
    String description "Descent rate";
    String long_name "DZ DT M";
    String units "meters per second (m/s)";
  TimeS {
    Float32 _FillValue NaN;
    Float32 actual_range 22.811, 2167.954;
    String bcodmo_name "time_elapsed";
    String description "Elapsed time";
    String long_name "Time S";
    String nerc_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/ELTMZZZZ/";
    String units "seconds";
  AltM {
    Float32 _FillValue NaN;
    Float32 actual_range 0.64, 100.53;
    String bcodmo_name "altitude";
    String description "Altimeter";
    String long_name "Alt M";
    String units "meter (m)";
  Latitude {
    Float32 _FillValue NaN;
    Float32 actual_range 46.74922, 47.33442;
    String bcodmo_name "latitude";
    Float64 colorBarMaximum 90.0;
    Float64 colorBarMinimum -90.0;
    String description "Latitude";
    String long_name "Latitude";
    String nerc_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P09/current/LATX/";
    String standard_name "latitude";
    String units "decimal degrees";
  Longitude {
    Float32 _FillValue NaN;
    Float32 actual_range -91.94403, -89.81964;
    String bcodmo_name "longitude";
    Float64 colorBarMaximum 180.0;
    Float64 colorBarMinimum -180.0;
    String description "Longitude";
    String long_name "Longitude";
    String nerc_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P09/current/LONX/";
    String standard_name "longitude";
    String units "decimal degrees";
  Nbin {
    Int16 _FillValue 32767;
    Int16 actual_range 4, 172;
    String bcodmo_name "nbin";
    String description "Number of scans per bin";
    String long_name "Nbin";
    String units "unitless";
  Flag {
    Float32 _FillValue NaN;
    Float32 actual_range 0.0, 0.0;
    String bcodmo_name "flag";
    Float64 colorBarMaximum 150.0;
    Float64 colorBarMinimum 0.0;
    String description "0.000e+00 (bad flag = -9.990e-29)";
    String long_name "Flag";
    String units "unitless";
    String access_formats ".htmlTable,.csv,.json,.mat,.nc,.tsv,.esriCsv,.geoJson,.odvTxt";
    String acquisition_description 
"CTD casts were conducted using using a Sea-Bird SBE 9 and\\u00a0SBE 11plus V
5.0. The CTD rosette included: WET Labs WETstar, SBE43 (oxygen), WET Labs
CDOM,\\u00a0WET Labs C-Star, and\\u00a0Biospherical/Licor sensors. Data were
processed (data conversion, filter, loop edit, bin average, ascii out)
using\\u00a0Seasave V 7.23.2.\\u00a0
 - These data include both the up and down cast at each station. Because
Niskin bottles were fired at certain depths on the upcasts, \\\"nbin\\\" values
may be very high at those depths (because the CTD sat at\\u00a0depth for a
longer period of time).  
 -\\u00a0Cast 002.01 was aborted due to a transmissometer issue.
Also see: [Cast logs from cruise BH15-11 (PDF)](\\\\\"https://datadocs.bco-
    String awards_0_award_nid "679911";
    String awards_0_award_number "OCE-1430015";
    String awards_0_data_url "http://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward.do?AwardNumber=1430015";
    String awards_0_funder_name "NSF Division of Ocean Sciences";
    String awards_0_funding_acronym "NSF OCE";
    String awards_0_funding_source_nid "355";
    String awards_0_program_manager "Rose Dufour";
    String awards_0_program_manager_nid "679910";
    String awards_1_award_nid "680956";
    String awards_1_award_number "OCE-1443577";
    String awards_1_data_url "http://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward.do?AwardNumber=1443577";
    String awards_1_funder_name "NSF Division of Ocean Sciences";
    String awards_1_funding_acronym "NSF OCE";
    String awards_1_funding_source_nid "355";
    String awards_1_program_manager "Candace O. Major";
    String awards_1_program_manager_nid "51690";
    String cdm_data_type "Other";
    String comment 
"CTD BH1511 
 PI: Tristan J. Horner (WHOI) 
 Version: 20 July 2017 
 Note: Aborted cast 002.01 due to transmissometer issue";
    String Conventions "COARDS, CF-1.6, ACDD-1.3";
    String creator_email "info@bco-dmo.org";
    String creator_name "BCO-DMO";
    String creator_type "institution";
    String creator_url "https://www.bco-dmo.org/";
    String data_source "extract_data_as_tsv version 2.3  19 Dec 2019";
    String date_created "2017-07-11T17:55:27Z";
    String date_modified "2019-08-02T16:42:59Z";
    String defaultDataQuery "&amp;time&lt;now";
    String doi "10.1575/1912/bco-dmo.708293.1";
    Float64 Easternmost_Easting -89.8223;
    Float64 geospatial_lat_max 47.332;
    Float64 geospatial_lat_min 46.7502;
    String geospatial_lat_units "degrees_north";
    Float64 geospatial_lon_max -89.8223;
    Float64 geospatial_lon_min -91.9442;
    String geospatial_lon_units "degrees_east";
    Float64 geospatial_vertical_max 253.0;
    Float64 geospatial_vertical_min 1.0;
    String geospatial_vertical_positive "down";
    String geospatial_vertical_units "m";
    String history 
"2023-04-02T05:13:13Z (local files)
2023-04-02T05:13:13Z https://erddap.bco-dmo.org/erddap/tabledap/bcodmo_dataset_708293.html";
    String infoUrl "https://www.bco-dmo.org/dataset/708293";
    String institution "BCO-DMO";
    String instruments_0_acronym "LI-COR Biospherical PAR";
    String instruments_0_dataset_instrument_nid "708842";
    String instruments_0_description "The LI-COR Biospherical PAR Sensor is used to measure Photosynthetically Available Radiation (PAR) in the water column.  This instrument designation is used when specific make and model are not known.";
    String instruments_0_instrument_external_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/L22/current/TOOL0074/";
    String instruments_0_instrument_name "LI-COR Biospherical PAR Sensor";
    String instruments_0_instrument_nid "480";
    String instruments_0_supplied_name "Biospherical/Licor";
    String instruments_1_acronym "SBE-43 DO";
    String instruments_1_dataset_instrument_nid "708838";
    String instruments_1_description "The Sea-Bird SBE 43 dissolved oxygen sensor is a redesign of the Clark polarographic membrane type of dissolved oxygen sensors. more information from Sea-Bird Electronics";
    String instruments_1_instrument_external_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/L22/current/TOOL0036/";
    String instruments_1_instrument_name "Sea-Bird SBE 43 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor";
    String instruments_1_instrument_nid "552";
    String instruments_1_supplied_name "SBE 43";
    String instruments_2_acronym "CTD-fluorometer";
    String instruments_2_dataset_instrument_nid "708839";
    String instruments_2_description "A CTD-fluorometer is an instrument package designed to measure hydrographic information (pressure, temperature and conductivity) and chlorophyll fluorescence.";
    String instruments_2_instrument_external_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/L05/current/113/";
    String instruments_2_instrument_name "CTD-fluorometer";
    String instruments_2_instrument_nid "580";
    String instruments_2_supplied_name "WET Labs CDOM";
    String instruments_3_acronym "CTD SBE 911plus";
    String instruments_3_dataset_instrument_nid "708836";
    String instruments_3_description "The Sea-Bird SBE 911plus is a type of CTD instrument package for continuous measurement of conductivity, temperature and pressure.  The SBE 911plus includes the SBE 9plus Underwater Unit and the SBE 11plus Deck Unit (for real-time readout using conductive wire) for deployment from a vessel. The combination of the SBE 9plus and SBE 11plus is called a SBE 911plus.  The SBE 9plus uses Sea-Bird's standard modular temperature and conductivity sensors (SBE 3plus and SBE 4). The SBE 9plus CTD can be configured with up to eight auxiliary sensors to measure other parameters including dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, fluorescence, light (PAR), light transmission, etc.). more information from Sea-Bird Electronics";
    String instruments_3_instrument_external_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/L22/current/TOOL0058/";
    String instruments_3_instrument_name "CTD Sea-Bird SBE 911plus";
    String instruments_3_instrument_nid "591";
    String instruments_3_supplied_name "Sea-Bird SBE 9 and SBE 11plus V 5.0";
    String instruments_4_acronym "WL CSTAR Trans";
    String instruments_4_dataset_instrument_nid "708841";
    String instruments_4_description "A highly integrated opto-electronic design to provide a low cost, compact solution for underwater measurements of beam transmittance. The instrument is capable of either free space measurements, or through the use of an optical flow tube, flow-through sampling with a pump. It can be used in profiling, moored, or underway applications. more information from Wet Labs";
    String instruments_4_instrument_external_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/L22/current/TOOL0160/";
    String instruments_4_instrument_name "Wet Labs CSTAR Transmissometer";
    String instruments_4_instrument_nid "593";
    String instruments_4_supplied_name "WET Labs C-Star";
    String instruments_5_dataset_instrument_nid "708837";
    String instruments_5_description "Submersible fluorometer designed for through-flow or pumped CTD applications manufactured by WetLabs and which can be configured for various types of fluorescence. The probe has a temperature range of 0-30 degrees C and a depth rating of 600m.";
    String instruments_5_instrument_external_identifier "https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/L22/current/TOOL0075/";
    String instruments_5_instrument_name "WETLabs WETStar fluorometer";
    String instruments_5_instrument_nid "474261";
    String instruments_5_supplied_name "WET Labs WETstar";
    String keywords "active, AltM, available, bco, bco-dmo, biological, c0u, C0uS_cm, cast, cdom, chemical, chemistry, colored, cstar, CStarTr0, data, dataset, date, dep, DepFM, dissolved, dmo, downwelling, downwelling_photosynthetic_photon_radiance_in_sea_water, Dz_dtM, earth, Earth Science > Oceans > Ocean Chemistry > pH, Earth Science > Oceans > Ocean Optics > Photosynthetically Active Radiation, Earth Science > Oceans > Ocean Optics > Radiance, erddap, flag, iso, lat_start, latitude, lon_start, longitude, management, matter, name, nbin, ocean, oceanography, oceans, office, optics, organic, orp, Par, photon, photosynthetic, photosynthetically, PrDM, preliminary, radiance, radiation, reported, sbeox0, Sbeox0Mg_L, scale, science, sea, sea_water_ph_reported_on_total_scale, seawater, specc, star, station, station_name, t090, T090C, time, TimeS, total, tr0, water, wet, WetCDOM, WetStar";
    String keywords_vocabulary "GCMD Science Keywords";
    String license "https://www.bco-dmo.org/dataset/708293/license";
    String metadata_source "https://www.bco-dmo.org/api/dataset/708293";
    Float64 Northernmost_Northing 47.332;
    String param_mapping "{'708293': {'lon_start': 'flag - longitude', 'DepFM': 'flag - depth', 'ISO_DateTime_UTC': 'master - time', 'lat_start': 'flag - latitude'}}";
    String parameter_source "https://www.bco-dmo.org/mapserver/dataset/708293/parameters";
    String people_0_affiliation "Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution";
    String people_0_affiliation_acronym "WHOI";
    String people_0_person_name "Tristan J. Horner";
    String people_0_person_nid "680928";
    String people_0_role "Principal Investigator";
    String people_0_role_type "originator";
    String people_1_affiliation "Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution";
    String people_1_affiliation_acronym "WHOI BCO-DMO";
    String people_1_person_name "Shannon Rauch";
    String people_1_person_nid "51498";
    String people_1_role "BCO-DMO Data Manager";
    String people_1_role_type "related";
    String project "Early Career Great Lakes research,Novel Nutrient Paleoproxy";
    String projects_0_acronym "Early Career Great Lakes research";
    String projects_0_description 
"NSF Award Abstract:
This proposal to fund a research training cruise on the University of Minnesota's R/V Blue Heron for early career scientists from the Great Lakes basin. The proposed work will have two goals: 1) teach early career lacustrine scientists how to acquire, plan for, and manage cruises aboard UNOLS ships, possibly having some impact on the long-term decrease in requests for ship time on UNOLS ships in general; and 2) expose members of the Great Lakes scientific community, which has an abysmally low submittal rate of proposals to NSF requesting UNOLS ships, to UNOLS and the academic fleet. This project mirrors the successful Chief Scientist training program that Dr. Claire Reimers at Oregon State University has run on ocean-going ships such as the R/V Wecoma, New Horizon and Endeavor.
Intellectual Merit :
The training cruise envisioned herein will allow early career scientists to collect seed data
and test hypotheses for future proposals to NSF.
Broader Impacts :
This proposal intends to educate the next generation of researchers about the capabilities
of UNOLS. This type of outreach between UNOLS and potential users is not only important for
the broader scientific community, but doubly important for the Great Lakes community which
seems resistant to using assets like the UNOLS fleet.";
    String projects_0_end_date "2016-02";
    String projects_0_geolocation "Great Lakes";
    String projects_0_name "EAGER - Introducing Early Career Scientists to Research on the Great Lakes";
    String projects_0_project_nid "679912";
    String projects_0_start_date "2014-03";
    String projects_1_acronym "Novel Nutrient Paleoproxy";
    String projects_1_description 
"NSF Award Abstract:
Human observations of Earth's climate span only a narrow window of Earth History. Understanding how and why Earth's climate changed before human observations can be overcome through the measurement and interpretation of the chemical composition of marine sediments. Accurate interpretation of these records -- also known as \"proxy\" records, because they stand in for direct measurements of environmental conditions in the past -- first requires that the behavior of the proxy be properly calibrated against direct observations in modern environments. This project will develop a novel proxy for marine nutrient utilization based on a comprehensive characterization of the chemical composition of particulate organic matter in the Southern Ocean. The formation and export of organic matter in the ocean requires nutrients, consumes carbon, and can influence the global air-sea balance of carbon dioxide. New proxies and calibrations offer novel ways of looking at Earth's climate history and can potentially illuminate interactions within marine ecosystems.
The efficiency of the biological carbon pump depends critically on the availability and utilization of marine nutrients, particularly in the Southern Ocean. However, ambiguity in, and disagreement between current nutrient utilization paleoproxies renders reconstruction of past nutrient regimes uncertain. Cadmium -- a known proxy for phosphate -- offers a means to circumvent many of the known limitations of existing nutrient proxies, but requires a full isotopic characterization before its application. In this project, researchers will trace the stable isotopic composition of cadmium recorded in organic matter using multiple collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. The researchers will make isotopic measurements across numerous surface nutrient regimes in the Southern Ocean, with a focus on three critical geochemical transitions: the formation of organic carbon at the sea surface, its transit and decomposition through the ocean's interior, and its behavior during burial on the sea floor. This sea surface-to-sea floor calibration will thus comprehensively determine the utility and fidelity of a novel nutrient proxy, allowing a more accurate view of how Earth's climate was related to ocean biogeochemistry in the past.";
    String projects_1_end_date "2018-01";
    String projects_1_geolocation "Southern Ocean";
    String projects_1_name "Calibration of a Novel Nutrient Paleoproxy in the Southern Ocean";
    String projects_1_project_nid "680957";
    String projects_1_start_date "2015-02";
    String publisher_name "Biological and Chemical Oceanographic Data Management Office (BCO-DMO)";
    String publisher_type "institution";
    String sourceUrl "(local files)";
    Float64 Southernmost_Northing 46.7502;
    String standard_name_vocabulary "CF Standard Name Table v55";
    String subsetVariables "Flag";
    String summary "Processed CTD data from BH15-11 from R/V Blue Heron cruise BH15-11 in the western arm of Lake Superior in August 2015.";
    String time_coverage_end "2015-08-28T12:24:09Z";
    String time_coverage_start "2015-08-26T13:01:12Z";
    String title "Processed CTD data from BH15-11 from R/V Blue Heron cruise BH15-11 in the western arm of Lake Superior in August 2015";
    String version "1";
    Float64 Westernmost_Easting -91.9442;
    String xml_source "osprey2erddap.update_xml() v1.3";


Using tabledap to Request Data and Graphs from Tabular Datasets

tabledap lets you request a data subset, a graph, or a map from a tabular dataset (for example, buoy data), via a specially formed URL. tabledap uses the OPeNDAP (external link) Data Access Protocol (DAP) (external link) and its selection constraints (external link).

The URL specifies what you want: the dataset, a description of the graph or the subset of the data, and the file type for the response.

Tabledap request URLs must be in the form
For example,
Thus, the query is often a comma-separated list of desired variable names, followed by a collection of constraints (e.g., variable<value), each preceded by '&' (which is interpreted as "AND").

For details, see the tabledap Documentation.

ERDDAP, Version 2.02
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