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Title Sum-
Institution Dataset ID
     data   graph     files  public Acoustic backscatter from krill and silverfish in McMurdo Sound from 2014-2015    ?     I   M   background (external link) RSS Subscribe BCO-DMO bcodmo_dataset_715715

The Dataset's Variables and Attributes

Row Type Variable Name Attribute Name Data Type Value
attribute NC_GLOBAL access_formats String .htmlTable,.csv,.json,.mat,.nc,.tsv
attribute NC_GLOBAL acquisition_description String ""
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_award_nid String 665130
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_award_number String PLR-0944747
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_data_url String http://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward.do?AwardNumber=0944747 (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_funder_name String NSF Division of Polar Programs
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_funding_acronym String NSF PLR
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_funding_source_nid String 490497
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_program_manager String Dr Chris H. Fritsen
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_program_manager_nid String 50502
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_1_award_nid String 665135
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_1_award_number String PLR-0944511
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_1_data_url String http://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward.do?AwardNumber=0944511 (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_1_funder_name String NSF Division of Polar Programs
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_1_funding_acronym String NSF PLR
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_1_funding_source_nid String 490497
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_1_program_manager String Dr Chris H. Fritsen
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_1_program_manager_nid String 50502
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_2_award_nid String 665138
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_2_award_number String PLR-0944694
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_2_data_url String http://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward.do?AwardNumber=0944694 (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_2_funder_name String NSF Division of Polar Programs
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_2_funding_acronym String NSF PLR
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_2_funding_source_nid String 490497
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_2_program_manager String Dr Chris H. Fritsen
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_2_program_manager_nid String 50502
attribute NC_GLOBAL cdm_data_type String Other
attribute NC_GLOBAL comment String Acoustic backscatter from McMurdo Sound.
PI: Kendra Daly
Co-PI: Stacy Kim
Version: 2017-08-31
Note: Station location information can be found at
<a href="http://dmoserv3.bco-dmo.org/jg/serv/BCO-DMO/McMurdoPredPrey/BackscatterSite.html0">http://dmoserv3.bco-dmo.org/jg/serv/BCO-DMO/McMurdoPredPrey/BackscatterSite.html0</a>
<strong>This is a large dataset and it may take some time to load in the browser.</strong>
attribute NC_GLOBAL Conventions String COARDS, CF-1.6, ACDD-1.3
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_email String info at bco-dmo.org
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_name String BCO-DMO
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_type String institution
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_url String https://www.bco-dmo.org/ (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL data_source String extract_data_as_tsv version 2.3 19 Dec 2019
attribute NC_GLOBAL date_created String 2017-09-26T15:03:43Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL date_modified String 2018-03-19T18:19:00Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL defaultDataQuery String &amp;time&lt;now
attribute NC_GLOBAL doi String 10.1575/1912/bco-dmo.731152
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_max double 150.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_min double 0.06
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_positive String down
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_units String m
attribute NC_GLOBAL infoUrl String https://www.bco-dmo.org/dataset/715715 (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL institution String BCO-DMO
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_acronym String ROV
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_dataset_instrument_description String SCINI ROV (https://bitbucket.org/scinirov/scini/wiki/Home)
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_dataset_instrument_nid String 727521
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_description String Remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) are unoccupied, highly maneuverable underwater robots operated by a person aboard a surface vessel. They are linked to the ship by a group of cables that carry electrical signals back and forth between the operator and the vehicle. Most are equipped with at least a video camera and lights. Additional equipment is commonly added to expand the vehicle’s capabilities. These may include a still camera, a manipulator or cutting arm, water samplers, and instruments that measure water clarity, light penetration, and temperature. More information.
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_instrument_name String Remotely Operated Vehicle
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_instrument_nid String 445
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_supplied_name String SCINI ROV
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_acronym String BioSonics DT-X Echosounder
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_dataset_instrument_description String Biosonics, Inc. DT-X echosounder with 120 kHz split beam transducer
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_dataset_instrument_nid String 716103
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_description String The BioSonics DT-X Digital Scientific Echosounder is available in single or spilt beam configuration. The resultant data set comprises 38 and 120 kHz split beam data. The DT-X Digital Scientific Echosounder is used for stock assessment, biomass estimates, and habitat mapping. DT-X digital transducers are available in a range of frequencies (38, 70, 120, 200, and 420 kHz) and beam patterns in split beam or single beam. Up to 5 transducers can be mulltiplexed for simultaneous data collection in any combination of frequencies and transducer orientations. The BioSonics split beam echosounder data can be analyzed for fish quantity, individual sizes, direction of travel through the acoustic beam. Data analysis is done using BioSonics, Echoview, or Sonar4/5-Pro software (and other options are available). Additional information is available from: BioSonics DT-X Digital Echosounder (http://www.biosonicsinc.com/product-overview.asp), BioSonics (http://www.biosonicsinc.com), Echoview (http://www.echoview.com/), and Sonar4/5-Pro (http://tid.uio.no/~hbalk/sonar4_5/index.htm).
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_instrument_external_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/L05/current/FFES/ (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_instrument_name String BioSonics DT-X Digital Scientific Echosounder
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_instrument_nid String 646
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_supplied_name String Biosonics, Inc. DT-X echosounder
attribute NC_GLOBAL keywords String bco, bco-dmo, bin, bin_depth, biological, chemical, data, dataset, depth, dmo, erddap, group, management, mean, oceanography, office, preliminary, sitenum, sv_mean
attribute NC_GLOBAL license String https://www.bco-dmo.org/dataset/715715/license (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL metadata_source String https://www.bco-dmo.org/api/dataset/715715 (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL param_mapping String {'715715': {'depth': 'flag - depth'}}
attribute NC_GLOBAL parameter_source String https://www.bco-dmo.org/mapserver/dataset/715715/parameters (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_affiliation String University of South Florida
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_affiliation_acronym String USF
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_person_name String Kendra L. Daly
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_person_nid String 50505
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_role String Principal Investigator
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_role_type String originator
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_1_affiliation String H.T. Harvey & Associates
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_1_person_name String Dr David G. Ainley
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_1_person_nid String 50491
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_1_role String Co-Principal Investigator
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_1_role_type String originator
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_2_affiliation String Point Blue Conservation Science
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_2_person_name String Dr Grant Ballard
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_2_person_nid String 566872
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_2_role String Co-Principal Investigator
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_2_role_type String originator
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_3_affiliation String Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_3_affiliation_acronym String MLML
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_3_person_name String Dr Stacy Kim
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_3_person_nid String 51714
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_3_role String Co-Principal Investigator
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_3_role_type String originator
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_4_affiliation String University of South Florida
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_4_affiliation_acronym String USF
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_4_person_name String Benjamin Saenz
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_4_person_nid String 715795
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_4_role String Contact
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_4_role_type String related
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_5_affiliation String Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_5_affiliation_acronym String WHOI BCO-DMO
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_5_person_name String Mathew Biddle
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_5_person_nid String 708682
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_5_role String BCO-DMO Data Manager
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_5_role_type String related
attribute NC_GLOBAL project String McMurdo Predator Prey
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_acronym String McMurdo Predator Prey
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_description String Extracted from the NSF award abstract:
The research project investigates the importance of top down forcing on pelagic food webs. The relatively pristine Ross Sea includes large populations of upper-level predators such as minke and killer whales, Adélie and Emperor penguins, and Antarctic toothfish. This project focuses on food web interactions of Adélie penguins, minke whales, and the fish-eating Ross Sea killer whales, all of which exert foraging pressure on their main prey, crystal krill (Euphausia cyrstallorophias) and silver fish (Pleuragramma antarcticum) in McMurdo Sound.
The investigators used a video- and acoustic-capable ROV, and standard biological and environmental sensors to quantify the abundance and distribution of phytoplankton, sea ice biota, prey, and relevant habitat data.  The sampling area included 37 stations across an 30 x 15 km section of McMurdo Sound, stratified by distance from the ice edge as a proxy for air-breathing predator access. This study will be among the first to assess top-down forcing in the Ross Sea ecosystem and will form the basis for multidisciplinary studies in the future.
Map sampling stations
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_end_date String 2016-11
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_geolocation String McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_name String Food web dynamics in an intact ecosystem: the role of top predators in McMurdo Sound
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_project_nid String 665131
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_project_website String https://scini-penguin.mlml.calstate.edu/pauls-wordpress-test-site/ (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_start_date String 2011-06
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_name String Biological and Chemical Oceanographic Data Management Office (BCO-DMO)
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_type String institution
attribute NC_GLOBAL sourceUrl String (local files)
attribute NC_GLOBAL standard_name_vocabulary String CF Standard Name Table v55
attribute NC_GLOBAL summary String Krill and fish were sampled acoustically and visually beneath the fast ice
using the tethered SCINI ROV, which was deployed and operated through a 25 cm
diameter hole drilled through the sea ice. SCINI contained cameras and
thrusters, and towed a sensor package consisting of a WET Labs fluorometer
(ECO-AFL/FL) and a single-beam Biosonics 120 kHz DT-X echosounder. Visual
targets were identified to the lowest taxon possible; these observations were
used primarily to verify classification of acoustic signals. The echosounder
operated at a nominal ping rate of 1 ping s-1; however, this rate was
occasionally adjusted if false bottom signals were observed. The general
profile of a dive included a surface transect of ~300 m horizontal distance,
where the acoustic transducer faced downward, and also a dive to ~120 m if
conditions allowed. Echogram data were saved to a depth of 500 m, and
background noise was removed. Given the effective range of the transducer of
approximately 100 m (resolving -80 dB targets), surveys characterized the
upper 200 m of the water column.
attribute NC_GLOBAL title String Acoustic backscatter from krill and silverfish in McMurdo Sound from 2014-2015
attribute NC_GLOBAL version String 1
attribute NC_GLOBAL xml_source String osprey2erddap.update_xml() v1.3
variable group   String  
attribute group bcodmo_name String sample_descrip
attribute group description String group
attribute group long_name String Group
attribute group units String unitless
variable sitenum   String  
attribute sitenum bcodmo_name String site
attribute sitenum description String site number
attribute sitenum long_name String Sitenum
attribute sitenum units String unitless
variable bin_depth   short  
attribute bin_depth _FillValue short 32767
attribute bin_depth actual_range short 10, 150
attribute bin_depth bcodmo_name String depth
attribute bin_depth description String bottom depth of bin of sample
attribute bin_depth long_name String Bin Depth
attribute bin_depth nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P09/current/DEPH/ (external link)
attribute bin_depth units String meters (m)
variable depth   double  
attribute depth _CoordinateAxisType String Height
attribute depth _CoordinateZisPositive String down
attribute depth _FillValue double NaN
attribute depth actual_range double 0.06, 150.0
attribute depth axis String Z
attribute depth bcodmo_name String depth
attribute depth colorBarMaximum double 8000.0
attribute depth colorBarMinimum double -8000.0
attribute depth colorBarPalette String TopographyDepth
attribute depth description String mid depth of bin of sample
attribute depth ioos_category String Location
attribute depth long_name String Depth
attribute depth nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P09/current/DEPH/ (external link)
attribute depth positive String down
attribute depth standard_name String depth
attribute depth units String m
variable sv_mean   double  
attribute sv_mean _FillValue double NaN
attribute sv_mean actual_range double 0.0, 4.392061371474678E-4
attribute sv_mean bcodmo_name String Acc_bksctr
attribute sv_mean description String mean volume backscatter
attribute sv_mean long_name String Sv Mean
attribute sv_mean units String per meter (m-1)

The information in the table above is also available in other file formats (.csv, .htmlTable, .itx, .json, .jsonlCSV1, .jsonlCSV, .jsonlKVP, .mat, .nc, .nccsv, .tsv, .xhtml) via a RESTful web service.

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