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Title Sum-
Institution Dataset ID
   set  data   graph     files  public Hydrographic, nutrient and oxygen data from CTD bottles during R/V Pelican cruises from 2016-
06-29 to 2018-06-24
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The Dataset's Variables and Attributes

Row Type Variable Name Attribute Name Data Type Value
attribute NC_GLOBAL access_formats String .htmlTable,.csv,.json,.mat,.nc,.tsv,.esriCsv,.geoJson,.odvTxt
attribute NC_GLOBAL acquisition_description String Nutrient Analysis Equipment and Techniques:

Nutrient samples were collected, filtered (0.2 \u00b5m Acropak-200
polyethersulfone filters, Pall) and frozen on board until analysis on shore up
to 3 months later. Nutrient analyses (phosphate, silicate, nitrate+nitrite,
nitrite, ammonium, and urea) were performed on 6-channel Astoria-Pacific
autoanalyzer using standard methods (WHPO 1994). Ammonia analyses were based
on Solorzano (1969), using phenol/hypochlorite in alkaline medium with a
sodium nitroprusside catalyst. Urea analyses were based on Aminot and Kerouel
(1982) using diacetyl monoxime in acid solution.

Dissolved Oxygen Analysis Equipment and Techniques:

Samples were collected for dissolved oxygen analyses soon after the rosette
was brought on board. Using a Tygon or silicone drawing tube, nominal 125 ml
volume-calibrated iodine flasks were rinsed 3 times with minimal agitation,
then filled and allowed to overflow for at least 3 flask volumes. Reagents
(MnCl2 then NaI/NaOH) were added to fix the oxygen before stoppering. The
flasks were shaken twice (>1 minute inversions) to assure thorough dispersion
of the precipitate. The lip of the flask stopper was the filled with ultrapure
water to prevent access to atmospheric oxygen during the up to 3 hours between
sample collection and analysis.

Oxygen flask volumes were determined gravimetrically to determine flask
volumes at TAMU Geochemical and Environmental Research Group (GERG). This is
done once before using flasks for the first time and periodically thereafter
when a suspect volume is detected.

Dissolved oxygen analyses were performed with an automated Winkler oxygen
titrator (Langdon Enterprises, Miami) using amperometric end-point detection.
Thiosulfate (nominally 0.01 N) was standardized against 0.01 N potassium
iodate prior to sample analysis.

Salinity Analysis Equipment and Techniques:

Salinity samples were drawn into 200 mL Kimax high-alumina borosilicate
bottles, which were rinsed three times with sample prior to filling to the
shoulder. The bottles were sealed with plastic insert thimbles to reduce
evaporation. PSS78 salinity (UNESCO 1981) was calculated for each sample from
the measured conductivity ratios.\u00a0

A Guildline Autosal 8400B salinometer (S/N 65715) was used for
salinity/conductivity measurements. The salinity analyses were performed after
samples had equilibrated to laboratory temperature, usually within 6 weeks
after collection. The salinometer was standardized for each group of analyses
using OSIL standard seawater, with frequent use of a secondary deep water
standard to check for drift during runs.\u00a0
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_award_nid String 740991
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_award_number String OCE-1455851
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_data_url String http://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward.do?AwardNumber=1455851 (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_funder_name String NSF Division of Ocean Sciences
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_funding_acronym String NSF OCE
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_funding_source_nid String 355
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_program_manager String Elizabeth L. Rom
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_program_manager_nid String 682003
attribute NC_GLOBAL cdm_data_type String Other
attribute NC_GLOBAL comment String Hydrographic, nutrient and oxygen data from CTD bottles during R/V Pelican cruises
PI: Lisa Campbell
Version: 2018-12-13
Note: -99 indicates bad data/samples that were collected but no record of analysis
attribute NC_GLOBAL Conventions String COARDS, CF-1.6, ACDD-1.3
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_email String info at bco-dmo.org
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_name String BCO-DMO
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_type String institution
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_url String https://www.bco-dmo.org/ (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL data_source String extract_data_as_tsv version 2.3 19 Dec 2019
attribute NC_GLOBAL date_created String 2019-01-28T20:21:08Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL date_modified String 2019-11-27T15:39:07Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL defaultDataQuery String &time<now
attribute NC_GLOBAL doi String 10.1575/1912/bco-dmo.753882.1
attribute NC_GLOBAL Easternmost_Easting double -91.72577
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_max double 29.264
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_min double 27.8681
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_units String degrees_north
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_max double -91.72577
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_min double -94.63563
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_units String degrees_east
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_max double 107.1
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_min double 0.2
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_positive String down
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_units String m
attribute NC_GLOBAL infoUrl String https://www.bco-dmo.org/dataset/753882 (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL institution String BCO-DMO
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_acronym String ADCP
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_dataset_instrument_description String adcp: Hawaii UHDAS: dx.doi.org/10.7284/126351
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_dataset_instrument_nid String 753998
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_description String The ADCP measures water currents with sound, using a principle of sound waves called the Doppler effect. A sound wave has a higher frequency, or pitch, when it moves to you than when it moves away. You hear the Doppler effect in action when a car speeds past with a characteristic building of sound that fades when the car passes.
The ADCP works by transmitting "pings" of sound at a constant frequency into the water. (The pings are so highly pitched that humans and even dolphins can't hear them.) As the sound waves travel, they ricochet off particles suspended in the moving water, and reflect back to the instrument. Due to the Doppler effect, sound waves bounced back from a particle moving away from the profiler have a slightly lowered frequency when they return. Particles moving toward the instrument send back higher frequency waves. The difference in frequency between the waves the profiler sends out and the waves it receives is called the Doppler shift. The instrument uses this shift to calculate how fast the particle and the water around it are moving.
Sound waves that hit particles far from the profiler take longer to come back than waves that strike close by. By measuring the time it takes for the waves to bounce back and the Doppler shift, the profiler can measure current speed at many different depths with each series of pings. (More from WHOI instruments listing).
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_instrument_external_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/L05/current/115/ (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_instrument_name String Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_instrument_nid String 405
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_supplied_name String adcp
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_acronym String Barometer
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_dataset_instrument_description String Vaisala PTB101B: dx.doi.org/10.7284/124538
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_dataset_instrument_nid String 753999
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_description String A barometer is an instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure. There are many types of barometers identified by make and model and method of measurement.
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_instrument_external_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/L22/current/TOOL0281/ (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_instrument_name String Barometer
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_instrument_nid String 482
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_supplied_name String barameter
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_2_acronym String Hygrometer
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_2_dataset_instrument_description String dx.doi.org/10.7284/124539
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_2_dataset_instrument_nid String 754007
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_2_description String Hygrometers are used for measuring relative humidity. This term is used when details of the make, model number and measurement principle are not known.
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_2_instrument_external_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/L22/current/TOOL0282/ (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_2_instrument_name String Hygrometer
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_2_instrument_nid String 485
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_2_supplied_name String Vaisala HMP45
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_3_acronym String CTD SBE 911plus
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_3_dataset_instrument_description String Sea-Bird SBE-911+: dx.doi.org/10.7284/124602
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_3_dataset_instrument_nid String 754005
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_3_description String The Sea-Bird SBE 911plus is a type of CTD instrument package for continuous measurement of conductivity, temperature and pressure. The SBE 911plus includes the SBE 9plus Underwater Unit and the SBE 11plus Deck Unit (for real-time readout using conductive wire) for deployment from a vessel. The combination of the SBE 9plus and SBE 11plus is called a SBE 911plus. The SBE 9plus uses Sea-Bird's standard modular temperature and conductivity sensors (SBE 3plus and SBE 4). The SBE 9plus CTD can be configured with up to eight auxiliary sensors to measure other parameters including dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, fluorescence, light (PAR), light transmission, etc.). more information from Sea-Bird Electronics
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_3_instrument_external_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/L22/current/TOOL0058/ (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_3_instrument_name String CTD Sea-Bird SBE 911plus
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_3_instrument_nid String 591
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_3_supplied_name String Sea-Bird SBE-911+
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_4_acronym String WL CSTAR Trans
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_4_dataset_instrument_description String dx.doi.org/10.7284/124540
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_4_dataset_instrument_nid String 754008
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_4_description String A highly integrated opto-electronic design to provide a low cost, compact solution for underwater measurements of beam transmittance. The instrument is capable of either free space measurements, or through the use of an optical flow tube, flow-through sampling with a pump. It can be used in profiling, moored, or underway applications. more information from Wet Labs
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_4_instrument_external_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/L22/current/TOOL0160/ (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_4_instrument_name String Wet Labs CSTAR Transmissometer
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_4_instrument_nid String 593
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_4_supplied_name String WET Labs C-Star
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_5_acronym String SeaBird SBE-21 Seacat
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_5_dataset_instrument_description String dx.doi.org/10.7284/124541
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_5_dataset_instrument_nid String 754009
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_5_description String A platinum-electrode conductivity sensor and a thermistor mounted in a corrosion-resistant plastic and titanium housing designed to be continuously plumbed into a vessel's pumped seawater supply. The instrument may be interfaced to a remote SBE 38 temperature sensor mounted either on the hull or in the seawater inlet. Data are both stored in internal memory and output to a serial port for external logging.  Conductivity is measured in the range 0-7 S/m with an accuracy of 0.001 S/m and a resolution  of 0.0001 S/m. Housing temperature is measured in the range -5-35C with an accuracy of 0.01 C and a resolution  of 0.001 C. Remote temperature is measured in the range -5-35C  with an accuracy of 0.001 C and a resolution  of 0.0003 C. More information at http://www.seabird.com/products/spec_sheets/21data.htm.
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_5_instrument_external_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/L22/current/TOOL0667/ (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_5_instrument_name String Sea-Bird SeaCAT Thermosalinograph SBE 21
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_5_instrument_nid String 517246
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_5_supplied_name String Sea-Bird SBE-21
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_6_dataset_instrument_description String Ashtech ADU800: dx.doi.org/10.7284/124579
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_6_dataset_instrument_nid String 754006
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_6_description String Acquires satellite signals and tracks your location.
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_6_instrument_name String GPS receiver
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_6_instrument_nid String 706037
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_6_supplied_name String gnss
attribute NC_GLOBAL keywords String active, ammonia, ammonium, available, bco, bco-dmo, biological, bottle, Bottle_Depth, burrette, Burrette_Reading, CDOM, chemical, chemistry, chlorophyll, Chlorophyll_Fluoresence, chromophoric, colored, comments, concentration, concentration_of_chlorophyll_in_sea_water, CTD_Salinity, data, dataset, date, day, density, depth, dissolved, Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_a, Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_b, Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_c, dmo, downwelling, downwelling_photosynthetic_photon_radiance_in_sea_water, earth, Earth Science > Oceans > Ocean Chemistry > Ammonia, Earth Science > Oceans > Ocean Chemistry > Chlorophyll, Earth Science > Oceans > Ocean Chemistry > Nitrate, Earth Science > Oceans > Ocean Chemistry > Oxygen, Earth Science > Oceans > Ocean Optics > Photosynthetically Active Radiation, Earth Science > Oceans > Ocean Optics > Radiance, Earth Science > Oceans > Salinity/Density > Salinity, erddap, fraction, hpo4, HPO4_a, HPO4_b, hsio3, HSIO3_a, HSIO3_b, latitude, longitude, management, material, matter, mole, mole_concentration_of_ammonium_in_sea_water, mole_concentration_of_nitrate_in_sea_water, mole_concentration_of_nitrite_in_sea_water, month, n02, nh4, NH4_a, NH4_b, niskin, Niskin_Bottle, nitrate, nitrite, NO2_a, NO2_b, no3, NO3_a, NO3_b, NO3_NO2, nutrient, Nutrient_Bottle_no, O2, ocean, oceanography, oceans, office, optics, organic, oxygen, Oxygen_Bottle_no, PAR, photon, photosynthetic, photosynthetically, practical, preliminary, radiance, radiation, reading, salinity, Salinity_Bottle_no, Sample_Salinity, science, sea, sea_water_practical_salinity, seawater, sequence, station, temperature, time, time2, transmissometer, urea, Urea_a, Urea_b, volume, volume_fraction_of_oxygen_in_sea_water, water, Water_Depth, year
attribute NC_GLOBAL keywords_vocabulary String GCMD Science Keywords
attribute NC_GLOBAL license String https://www.bco-dmo.org/dataset/753882/license (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL metadata_source String https://www.bco-dmo.org/api/dataset/753882 (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL Northernmost_Northing double 29.264
attribute NC_GLOBAL param_mapping String {'753882': {'Latitude': 'flag - latitude', 'date_time': 'flag - time', 'Bottle_Depth': 'flag - depth', 'Longitude': 'flag - longitude'}}
attribute NC_GLOBAL parameter_source String https://www.bco-dmo.org/mapserver/dataset/753882/parameters (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_affiliation String Texas A&M University
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_affiliation_acronym String TAMU
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_person_name String Lisa Campbell
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_person_nid String 50523
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_role String Principal Investigator
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_role_type String originator
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_1_affiliation String Texas A&M University
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_1_affiliation_acronym String TAMU
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_1_person_name String Anthony Knap
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_1_person_nid String 50759
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_1_role String Co-Principal Investigator
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_1_role_type String originator
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_2_affiliation String Texas A&M University
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_2_affiliation_acronym String TAMU
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_2_person_name String Steven DiMarco
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_2_person_nid String 740997
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_2_role String Contact
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_2_role_type String related
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_3_affiliation String Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_3_affiliation_acronym String WHOI BCO-DMO
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_3_person_name String Mathew Biddle
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_3_person_nid String 708682
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_3_role String BCO-DMO Data Manager
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_3_role_type String related
attribute NC_GLOBAL project String REU-OTO
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_acronym String REU-OTO
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_description String NSF abstract:
A new Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site will be located at Texas A&M University's campus in College Station, TX. The Geochemical and Environmental Research Group (GERG) and the Department of Oceanography will host 10 REU students for 10 weeks each summer, and the program will focus on innovative ocean observing technologies. Students will have access to a suite of ocean data acquisition technologies incorporated in TAMU's offshore buoy system, glider technology, remote real-time measurements from moored instrumentation, shipboard field surveys with CTD profiling and water sampling. A group project to develop and deploy a glider mission in the Gulf of Mexico onboard a research vessel will promote team building. Training modules on sensors, data analysis, graphical representation of oceanographic data, data management, and science writing will be provided. Students will participate in weekly REU seminars, and at the program end, they will demonstrate their communication skills with a final written report and a seminar presentation at the GERG REU Student Research Symposium. Although the program is open to students who are US citizens or permanent residents attending any university, local recruitment efforts will be coordinated with faculty in the NSF-funded Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) program which supports mentoring of STEM majors across TAMU branch campuses (Kingsville, Corpus Christi, Prairie View and West Texas).
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_end_date String 2019-03
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_geolocation String Gulf Mexico, Louisiana and Texas coast, Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_name String REU Site: Ocean Observing for Emerging Ocean Scientists
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_project_nid String 740992
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_project_website String https://ocean.tamu.edu/academics/reu/ (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_start_date String 2015-04
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_name String Biological and Chemical Oceanographic Data Management Office (BCO-DMO)
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_type String institution
attribute NC_GLOBAL sourceUrl String (local files)
attribute NC_GLOBAL Southernmost_Northing double 27.8681
attribute NC_GLOBAL standard_name_vocabulary String CF Standard Name Table v55
attribute NC_GLOBAL subsetVariables String Month
attribute NC_GLOBAL summary String Hydrographic, nutrient and oxygen data from CTD bottles during R/V Pelican cruises.
attribute NC_GLOBAL time_coverage_end String 2018-06-24T16:57Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL time_coverage_start String 2016-06-29T07:01Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL title String Hydrographic, nutrient and oxygen data from CTD bottles during R/V Pelican cruises from 2016-06-29 to 2018-06-24
attribute NC_GLOBAL version String 1
attribute NC_GLOBAL Westernmost_Easting double -94.63563
attribute NC_GLOBAL xml_source String osprey2erddap.update_xml() v1.3
variable Year   short  
attribute Year _FillValue short 32767
attribute Year actual_range short 2016, 2018
attribute Year bcodmo_name String year
attribute Year description String Year water samples were taken
attribute Year long_name String Year
attribute Year nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/YEARXXXX/ (external link)
attribute Year units String unitless
variable Station   String  
attribute Station bcodmo_name String station
attribute Station description String Name of sampling station
attribute Station long_name String Station
attribute Station units String unitless
variable Month   byte  
attribute Month _FillValue byte 127
attribute Month actual_range byte 6, 6
attribute Month bcodmo_name String month
attribute Month description String Month water samples were taken
attribute Month long_name String Month
attribute Month nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/MNTHXXXX/ (external link)
attribute Month units String unitless
variable Day   byte  
attribute Day _FillValue byte 127
attribute Day actual_range byte 22, 30
attribute Day bcodmo_name String day
attribute Day description String Day water samples were taken
attribute Day long_name String Day
attribute Day nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/DAYXXXXX/ (external link)
attribute Day units String unitless
variable time2   String  
attribute time2 bcodmo_name String time
attribute time2 description String Time water samples were taken in UTC
attribute time2 long_name String Time
attribute time2 nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/AHMSAA01/ (external link)
attribute time2 units String unitless
variable time   double  
attribute time _CoordinateAxisType String Time
attribute time actual_range double 1.46718366E9, 1.52985942E9
attribute time axis String T
attribute time bcodmo_name String date
attribute time description String date and time in UTC in ISO8601 format
attribute time ioos_category String Time
attribute time long_name String Date Time
attribute time nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/ADATAA01/ (external link)
attribute time source_name String date_time
attribute time standard_name String time
attribute time time_origin String 01-JAN-1970 00:00:00
attribute time time_precision String 1970-01-01T00:00Z
attribute time units String seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
variable Water_Depth   float  
attribute Water_Depth _FillValue float NaN
attribute Water_Depth actual_range float 10.7, 130.0
attribute Water_Depth bcodmo_name String depth
attribute Water_Depth description String Maximum depth of bathymetry at station
attribute Water_Depth long_name String Water Depth
attribute Water_Depth nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P09/current/DEPH/ (external link)
attribute Water_Depth units String meters
variable latitude   double  
attribute latitude _CoordinateAxisType String Lat
attribute latitude _FillValue double NaN
attribute latitude actual_range double 27.8681, 29.264
attribute latitude axis String Y
attribute latitude bcodmo_name String latitude
attribute latitude colorBarMaximum double 90.0
attribute latitude colorBarMinimum double -90.0
attribute latitude description String Latitude of sampling station
attribute latitude ioos_category String Location
attribute latitude long_name String Latitude
attribute latitude nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P09/current/LATX/ (external link)
attribute latitude standard_name String latitude
attribute latitude units String degrees_north
variable longitude   double  
attribute longitude _CoordinateAxisType String Lon
attribute longitude _FillValue double NaN
attribute longitude actual_range double -94.63563, -91.72577
attribute longitude axis String X
attribute longitude bcodmo_name String longitude
attribute longitude colorBarMaximum double 180.0
attribute longitude colorBarMinimum double -180.0
attribute longitude description String Longitude of sampling station
attribute longitude ioos_category String Location
attribute longitude long_name String Longitude
attribute longitude nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P09/current/LONX/ (external link)
attribute longitude standard_name String longitude
attribute longitude units String degrees_east
variable Niskin_Bottle   String  
attribute Niskin_Bottle bcodmo_name String bottle
attribute Niskin_Bottle description String Niskin bottle samples were collected from
attribute Niskin_Bottle long_name String Niskin Bottle
attribute Niskin_Bottle units String unitless
variable depth   double  
attribute depth _CoordinateAxisType String Height
attribute depth _CoordinateZisPositive String down
attribute depth _FillValue double NaN
attribute depth actual_range double 0.2, 107.1
attribute depth axis String Z
attribute depth bcodmo_name String depth
attribute depth description String Depth at which niskin bottle was closed
attribute depth ioos_category String Location
attribute depth long_name String Bottle Depth
attribute depth nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P09/current/DEPH/ (external link)
attribute depth positive String down
attribute depth standard_name String depth
attribute depth units String m
variable Sequence   byte  
attribute Sequence _FillValue byte 127
attribute Sequence actual_range byte 1, 18
attribute Sequence bcodmo_name String unknown
attribute Sequence description String Order of stations
attribute Sequence long_name String Sequence
attribute Sequence units String unitless
variable Nutrient_Bottle_no   short  
attribute Nutrient_Bottle_no _FillValue short 32767
attribute Nutrient_Bottle_no actual_range short 1, 179
attribute Nutrient_Bottle_no bcodmo_name String bottle
attribute Nutrient_Bottle_no description String Sample bottle number containing nutrient water sample
attribute Nutrient_Bottle_no long_name String Nutrient Bottle No
attribute Nutrient_Bottle_no units String unitless
variable NO3_a   float  
attribute NO3_a _FillValue float NaN
attribute NO3_a actual_range float -99.0, 38.59
attribute NO3_a bcodmo_name String NO3
attribute NO3_a colorBarMaximum double 50.0
attribute NO3_a colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute NO3_a description String Nutrient analysis of nitrate content
attribute NO3_a long_name String Mole Concentration Of Nitrate In Sea Water
attribute NO3_a missing_value float NaN
attribute NO3_a nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/NTRAIGGS/ (external link)
attribute NO3_a units String umol/L
variable NO3_b   float  
attribute NO3_b _FillValue float NaN
attribute NO3_b actual_range float -99.0, 0.54
attribute NO3_b bcodmo_name String NO3
attribute NO3_b colorBarMaximum double 50.0
attribute NO3_b colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute NO3_b description String Nutrient analysis of nitrate content
attribute NO3_b long_name String Mole Concentration Of Nitrate In Sea Water
attribute NO3_b missing_value float NaN
attribute NO3_b nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/NTRAIGGS/ (external link)
attribute NO3_b units String mg/L N
variable HPO4_a   float  
attribute HPO4_a _FillValue float NaN
attribute HPO4_a actual_range float -99.0, 8.42
attribute HPO4_a bcodmo_name String unknown
attribute HPO4_a description String Nutrient analysis of hydrogen phosphate content
attribute HPO4_a long_name String HPO4 A
attribute HPO4_a missing_value float NaN
attribute HPO4_a units String umol/L
variable HPO4_b   float  
attribute HPO4_b _FillValue float NaN
attribute HPO4_b actual_range float -99.0, 0.26
attribute HPO4_b bcodmo_name String unknown
attribute HPO4_b description String Nutrient analysis of hydrogen phosphate content
attribute HPO4_b long_name String HPO4 B
attribute HPO4_b missing_value float NaN
attribute HPO4_b units String mg/L P
variable HSIO3_a   float  
attribute HSIO3_a _FillValue float NaN
attribute HSIO3_a actual_range float -99.0, 49.61
attribute HSIO3_a bcodmo_name String unknown
attribute HSIO3_a description String Nutrient analysis of hydrogen silicate content
attribute HSIO3_a long_name String HSIO3 A
attribute HSIO3_a missing_value float NaN
attribute HSIO3_a units String umol/L
variable HSIO3_b   float  
attribute HSIO3_b _FillValue float NaN
attribute HSIO3_b actual_range float -99.0, 3.77
attribute HSIO3_b bcodmo_name String unknown
attribute HSIO3_b description String Nutrient analysis of hydrogen silicate content
attribute HSIO3_b long_name String HSIO3 B
attribute HSIO3_b missing_value float NaN
attribute HSIO3_b units String mg/L SiO3
variable NH4_a   float  
attribute NH4_a _FillValue float NaN
attribute NH4_a actual_range float -99.0, 9.45
attribute NH4_a bcodmo_name String Ammonium
attribute NH4_a colorBarMaximum double 5.0
attribute NH4_a colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute NH4_a description String Nutrient analysis of ammonium content
attribute NH4_a long_name String Mole Concentration Of Ammonium In Sea Water
attribute NH4_a missing_value float NaN
attribute NH4_a nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/AMONAAZX/ (external link)
attribute NH4_a units String umol/L
variable NH4_b   float  
attribute NH4_b _FillValue float NaN
attribute NH4_b actual_range float -99.0, 0.13
attribute NH4_b bcodmo_name String Ammonium
attribute NH4_b colorBarMaximum double 5.0
attribute NH4_b colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute NH4_b description String Nutrient analysis of ammonium content
attribute NH4_b long_name String Mole Concentration Of Ammonium In Sea Water
attribute NH4_b missing_value float NaN
attribute NH4_b nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/AMONAAZX/ (external link)
attribute NH4_b units String mg/L N
variable NO2_a   float  
attribute NO2_a _FillValue float NaN
attribute NO2_a actual_range float -99.0, 3.08
attribute NO2_a bcodmo_name String NO2
attribute NO2_a colorBarMaximum double 1.0
attribute NO2_a colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute NO2_a description String Nutrient analysis of nitrogen dioxide content
attribute NO2_a long_name String Mole Concentration Of Nitrite In Sea Water
attribute NO2_a missing_value float NaN
attribute NO2_a nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/NTRIAAZX/ (external link)
attribute NO2_a units String umol/L
variable NO2_b   float  
attribute NO2_b _FillValue float NaN
attribute NO2_b actual_range float -99.0, 0.04
attribute NO2_b bcodmo_name String NO2
attribute NO2_b colorBarMaximum double 1.0
attribute NO2_b colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute NO2_b description String Nutrient analysis of nitrogen dioxide content
attribute NO2_b long_name String Mole Concentration Of Nitrite In Sea Water
attribute NO2_b missing_value float NaN
attribute NO2_b nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/NTRIAAZX/ (external link)
attribute NO2_b units String mg/L N
variable Urea_a   float  
attribute Urea_a _FillValue float NaN
attribute Urea_a actual_range float -99.0, 10.71
attribute Urea_a bcodmo_name String Urea
attribute Urea_a description String Nutrient analysis of urea content
attribute Urea_a long_name String Urea A
attribute Urea_a missing_value float NaN
attribute Urea_a nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/UREAAAZX/ (external link)
attribute Urea_a units String umol/L
variable Urea_b   float  
attribute Urea_b _FillValue float NaN
attribute Urea_b actual_range float -99.0, 0.15
attribute Urea_b bcodmo_name String Urea
attribute Urea_b description String Nutrient analysis of urea content
attribute Urea_b long_name String Urea B
attribute Urea_b missing_value float NaN
attribute Urea_b nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/UREAAAZX/ (external link)
attribute Urea_b units String mg/L N
variable NO3_NO2   float  
attribute NO3_NO2 _FillValue float NaN
attribute NO3_NO2 actual_range float -99.0, 39.31
attribute NO3_NO2 bcodmo_name String NO3_NO2
attribute NO3_NO2 colorBarMaximum double 50.0
attribute NO3_NO2 colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute NO3_NO2 description String Total nitrogen present in water sample
attribute NO3_NO2 long_name String Mole Concentration Of Nitrate In Sea Water
attribute NO3_NO2 missing_value float NaN
attribute NO3_NO2 units String uM
variable Salinity_Bottle_no   String  
attribute Salinity_Bottle_no bcodmo_name String bottle
attribute Salinity_Bottle_no description String Sample bottle number containing salinity water sample
attribute Salinity_Bottle_no long_name String Salinity Bottle No
attribute Salinity_Bottle_no units String unitless
variable Sample_Salinity   float  
attribute Sample_Salinity _FillValue float NaN
attribute Sample_Salinity actual_range float -99.0, 36.684
attribute Sample_Salinity bcodmo_name String sal_bot
attribute Sample_Salinity colorBarMaximum double 37.0
attribute Sample_Salinity colorBarMinimum double 32.0
attribute Sample_Salinity description String Salinity of collected water sample
attribute Sample_Salinity long_name String Sea Water Practical Salinity
attribute Sample_Salinity missing_value float NaN
attribute Sample_Salinity nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/PSALBSTX/ (external link)
attribute Sample_Salinity units String PSU
variable CTD_Salinity   float  
attribute CTD_Salinity _FillValue float NaN
attribute CTD_Salinity actual_range float 24.2581, 36.4531
attribute CTD_Salinity bcodmo_name String sal_ctd
attribute CTD_Salinity colorBarMaximum double 37.0
attribute CTD_Salinity colorBarMinimum double 32.0
attribute CTD_Salinity description String Salinity recorded from CTD
attribute CTD_Salinity long_name String Sea Water Practical Salinity
attribute CTD_Salinity nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/PSALST01/ (external link)
attribute CTD_Salinity units String PSU
variable Oxygen_Bottle_no   String  
attribute Oxygen_Bottle_no bcodmo_name String bottle
attribute Oxygen_Bottle_no description String Sample bottle number containing oxygen water sample
attribute Oxygen_Bottle_no long_name String Oxygen Bottle No
attribute Oxygen_Bottle_no units String unitless
variable Burrette_Reading   float  
attribute Burrette_Reading _FillValue float NaN
attribute Burrette_Reading actual_range float -99.0, 1.139
attribute Burrette_Reading bcodmo_name String unknown
attribute Burrette_Reading description String Burrette reading of oxygen water sample
attribute Burrette_Reading long_name String Burrette Reading
attribute Burrette_Reading missing_value float NaN
attribute Burrette_Reading units String unitless
variable Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_a   float  
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_a _FillValue float NaN
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_a actual_range float -99.0, 6.33
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_a bcodmo_name String dissolved Oxygen
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_a colorBarMaximum double 1.0
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_a colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_a description String Calculated dissolved oxygen content in water sample
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_a long_name String Volume Fraction Of Oxygen In Sea Water
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_a missing_value float NaN
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_a units String mL/L
variable Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_b   float  
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_b _FillValue float NaN
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_b actual_range float -99.0, 8.99
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_b bcodmo_name String dissolved Oxygen
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_b colorBarMaximum double 1.0
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_b colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_b description String Calculated dissolved oxygen content in water sample
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_b long_name String Volume Fraction Of Oxygen In Sea Water
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_b missing_value float NaN
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_b units String mg/L
variable Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_c   float  
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_c _FillValue float NaN
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_c actual_range float -99.0, 0.3
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_c bcodmo_name String dissolved Oxygen
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_c colorBarMaximum double 1.0
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_c colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_c description String Calculated dissolved oxygen content in water sample
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_c long_name String Volume Fraction Of Oxygen In Sea Water
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_c missing_value float NaN
attribute Dissolved_Oxygen_Content_c units String mM/L
variable Density   float  
attribute Density _FillValue float NaN
attribute Density actual_range float 13.8314, 26.0947
attribute Density bcodmo_name String density
attribute Density description String Density
attribute Density long_name String Density
attribute Density units String kg/m3
variable Temperature   float  
attribute Temperature _FillValue float NaN
attribute Temperature actual_range float 19.0035, 31.0147
attribute Temperature bcodmo_name String temperature
attribute Temperature description String Water Temperature
attribute Temperature long_name String Temperature
attribute Temperature nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/TEMPP901/ (external link)
attribute Temperature units String Degrees C
variable Transmissometer   float  
attribute Transmissometer _FillValue float NaN
attribute Transmissometer actual_range float 0.8906, 105.7326
attribute Transmissometer bcodmo_name String transmission
attribute Transmissometer description String percent transmittance
attribute Transmissometer long_name String Transmissometer
attribute Transmissometer units String unitless
variable Chlorophyll_Fluoresence   float  
attribute Chlorophyll_Fluoresence _FillValue float NaN
attribute Chlorophyll_Fluoresence actual_range float -0.0578, 7.2457
attribute Chlorophyll_Fluoresence bcodmo_name String fluorescence
attribute Chlorophyll_Fluoresence colorBarMaximum double 30.0
attribute Chlorophyll_Fluoresence colorBarMinimum double 0.03
attribute Chlorophyll_Fluoresence colorBarScale String Log
attribute Chlorophyll_Fluoresence description String cholorphyll fluoresence
attribute Chlorophyll_Fluoresence long_name String Concentration Of Chlorophyll In Sea Water
attribute Chlorophyll_Fluoresence nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/CPHLPM01/ (external link)
attribute Chlorophyll_Fluoresence units String ug/l
variable CDOM   float  
attribute CDOM _FillValue float NaN
attribute CDOM actual_range float 0.753, 41.2
attribute CDOM bcodmo_name String CDOM
attribute CDOM description String Colored Dissolved Organic Matter
attribute CDOM long_name String Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Material
attribute CDOM units String mg/m3
variable PAR   float  
attribute PAR _FillValue float NaN
attribute PAR actual_range float 1.0E-12, 2220.0
attribute PAR bcodmo_name String PAR
attribute PAR colorBarMaximum double 70.0
attribute PAR colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute PAR description String Photosynthetically Active Radiation
attribute PAR long_name String Downwelling Photosynthetic Photon Radiance In Sea Water
attribute PAR units String unitless
variable Comments   String  
attribute Comments bcodmo_name String comment
attribute Comments description String comments
attribute Comments long_name String Comments
attribute Comments units String unitless

The information in the table above is also available in other file formats (.csv, .htmlTable, .itx, .json, .jsonlCSV1, .jsonlCSV, .jsonlKVP, .mat, .nc, .nccsv, .tsv, .xhtml) via a RESTful web service.

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