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     data   graph     files  public Aerosol and seawater beryllium-7 concentrations from Leg 1 (Seattle, WA to Hilo, HI) of the
US GEOTRACES Pacific Meridional Transect (PMT) cruise (GP15, RR1814) on R/V Roger Revelle from
September to October 2018.
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The Dataset's Variables and Attributes

Row Type Variable Name Attribute Name Data Type Value
attribute NC_GLOBAL access_formats String .htmlTable,.csv,.json,.mat,.nc,.tsv,.esriCsv,.geoJson,.odvTxt
attribute NC_GLOBAL acquisition_description String Be-7 Aerosol:
Aerosol samples were collected between Sept 20, 2018 and Nov 23, 2018 during
the U.S. GEOTRACES PMT cruise, R/V Roger Revelle (RR1814), 18 September 2018 -
24 November 2018, Seattle, Washington - Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia
(with a port stop in Hilo, Hawaii, 21-25, October 2018). Aerosol samples were
obtained with a Tisch TE-5170V-BL high volume aerosol sampler, modified to
collect 12 replicate samples on acid-washed (Wallace et al, 1977; Baker et
al., 2006) 47mm diameter Whatman-41 (W-41) filters, using procedures of the US
GEOTRACES aerosol program (Morton et al., 2013). In order to minimize the
filter blanks for our experiment, the W-41 filters were pre-cleaned before
deployment using three cycles of leaching with 0.5M HCl (Optima) then rinsing
with ultra-high purity water (UHP water) according to trace element protocols
in a HEPA-filtered laminar flow hood (Morton et al., 2013; similar to Baker et
al., 2006).

For 7Be, three of the 47mm aerosol samples were stacked in a plastic Petri
dish and counted by gamma spectroscopy. Be-7 has a readily identifiable gamma
peak at 478 keV. The counting system was calibrated for all samples by
preparing a commercial standard in geometry identical to the samples.

Be-7 Seawater:
A weighted sampling hose, attached to a submersible pump with a portable ctd
was deployed over the aft of the ship to collect seawater for Be-7 analysis.
The seawater was collected in plastic 700 liter holding tanks and then passed
through iron-oxide impregnated acrylic fiber filters (adsorbs Be-7). The
efficiency of the fiber for extraction of Be from seawater was determined by
adding stable Be atomic absorption standards to a drum containing seawater,
pumping the water through an iron fiber cartridge, and at every 100 L
measuring the Be content of the cartridge effluent. Based on several trials,
it was found that for sample volumes in the range 400-700L, extraction
efficiencies are respectively, 82 \u00b1 3% to 76 \u00b1 2%.\u00a0

All fibers were returned to the lab where they were dried and ashed. Fiber
samples were pressed into pellets. All samples were then placed over a low
background germanium gamma detector. 7Be has a readily identifiable peak at
478keV. The detector is calibrated for these samples by adding a commercially
prepared mixed solution of known gamma activities to ashed fiber and counting
in the appropriate geometry.
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_award_nid String 781789
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_award_number String OCE-1736319
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_data_url String http://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward.do?AwardNumber=1736319 (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_funder_name String NSF Division of Ocean Sciences
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_funding_acronym String NSF OCE
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_funding_source_nid String 355
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_program_manager String Henrietta N Edmonds
attribute NC_GLOBAL awards_0_program_manager_nid String 51517
attribute NC_GLOBAL cdm_data_type String Other
attribute NC_GLOBAL comment String Aerosol & Seawater Be-7
PI: David Kadko (Florida International University)
Version date: 20-April-2020
attribute NC_GLOBAL Conventions String COARDS, CF-1.6, ACDD-1.3
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_email String info at bco-dmo.org
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_name String BCO-DMO
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_type String institution
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_url String https://www.bco-dmo.org/ (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL data_source String extract_data_as_tsv version 2.3 19 Dec 2019
attribute NC_GLOBAL date_created String 2019-11-15T18:35:23Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL date_modified String 2020-04-21T19:03:46Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL defaultDataQuery String &time<now
attribute NC_GLOBAL doi String 10.26008/1912/bco-dmo.781794.1
attribute NC_GLOBAL Easternmost_Easting double -129.04
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_max double 55.08
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_min double 22.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_units String degrees_north
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_max double -129.04
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_min double -155.72
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_units String degrees_east
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_max double 137.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_min double 17.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_positive String down
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_units String m
attribute NC_GLOBAL infoUrl String https://www.bco-dmo.org/dataset/781794 (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL institution String BCO-DMO
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_acronym String Aerosol_Sampler
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_dataset_instrument_description String Aerosol samples were obtained with a Tisch TE-5170V-BL high volume aerosol sampler, modified to collect 12 replicate samples on acid-washed 47mm diameter Whatman-41 (W-41) filters, using procedures of the US GEOTRACES aerosol program.
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_dataset_instrument_nid String 781799
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_description String A device that collects a sample of aerosol (dry particles or liquid droplets) from the atmosphere.
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_instrument_external_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/L05/current/13/ (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_instrument_name String Aerosol Sampler
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_instrument_nid String 691
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_0_supplied_name String Tisch TE-5170V-BL high volume aerosol sampler
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_dataset_instrument_description String A weighted sampling hose, attached to a submersible pump with a portable ctd was deployed over the aft of the ship to collect seawater for Be-7 analysis.
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_dataset_instrument_nid String 809708
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_description String A pump is a device that moves fluids (liquids or gases), or sometimes slurries, by mechanical action. Pumps can be classified into three major groups according to the method they use to move the fluid: direct lift, displacement, and gravity pumps
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_instrument_name String Pump
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_1_instrument_nid String 726
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_2_dataset_instrument_description String For 7Be, three of the 47mm aerosol samples were stacked in a plastic Petri dish and counted by gamma spectroscopy
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_2_dataset_instrument_nid String 781800
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_2_description String Instruments measuring the relative levels of electromagnetic radiation of different wavelengths in the gamma-ray waveband.
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_2_instrument_name String Gamma Ray Spectrometer
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_2_instrument_nid String 670659
attribute NC_GLOBAL instruments_2_supplied_name String gamma spectroscopy
attribute NC_GLOBAL keywords String bco, bco-dmo, Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e, Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr, biological, chemical, conc, data, dataset, date, depth, dmo, end, End_Date_UTC, End_ISO_DateTime_UTC, End_Latitude, End_Longitude, End_Time_UTC, erddap, event, Event_ID, flag, Flag_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e, Flag_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr, hivol, iso, kzmaqr, latitude, longitude, management, oceanography, office, preliminary, pump, pv5z9e, sample, Sample_Depth, Sample_ID, sd1, SD1_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e, SD1_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr, start, Start_Date_UTC, Start_Time_UTC, station, Station_ID, time
attribute NC_GLOBAL license String https://www.bco-dmo.org/dataset/781794/license (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL metadata_source String https://www.bco-dmo.org/api/dataset/781794 (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL Northernmost_Northing double 55.08
attribute NC_GLOBAL param_mapping String {'781794': {'Start_ISO_DateTime_UTC': 'flag - time', 'Sample_Depth': 'flag - depth', 'Start_Longitude': 'flag - longitude', 'Start_Latitude': 'flag - latitude'}}
attribute NC_GLOBAL parameter_source String https://www.bco-dmo.org/mapserver/dataset/781794/parameters (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_affiliation String Florida International University
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_affiliation_acronym String FIU
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_person_name String David C. Kadko
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_person_nid String 50615
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_role String Principal Investigator
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_0_role_type String originator
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_1_person_name String Shannon Rauch
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_1_person_nid String 51498
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_1_role String BCO-DMO Data Manager
attribute NC_GLOBAL people_1_role_type String related
attribute NC_GLOBAL project String U.S. GEOTRACES PMT,PMT Be-7
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_acronym String U.S. GEOTRACES PMT
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_description String A 60-day research cruise took place in 2018 along a transect form Alaska to Tahiti at 152° W. A description of the project titled "Collaborative Research: Management and implementation of the US GEOTRACES Pacific Meridional Transect", funded by NSF, is below. Further project information is available on the US GEOTRACES website and on the cruise blog. A detailed cruise report is also available as a PDF.
Description from NSF award abstract:
GEOTRACES is a global effort in the field of Chemical Oceanography in which the United States plays a major role. The goal of the GEOTRACES program is to understand the distributions of many elements and their isotopes in the ocean. Until quite recently, these elements could not be measured at a global scale. Understanding the distributions of these elements and isotopes will increase the understanding of processes that shape their distributions and also the processes that depend on these elements. For example, many "trace elements" (elements that are present in very low amounts) are also important for life, and their presence or absence can play a vital role in the population of marine ecosystems. This project will launch the next major U.S. GEOTRACES expedition in the Pacific Ocean between Alaska and Tahiti. The award made here would support all of the major infrastructure for this expedition, including the research vessel, the sampling equipment, and some of the core oceanographic measurements. This project will also support the personnel needed to lead the expedition and collect the samples.
This project would support the essential sampling operations and infrastructure for the U.S. GEOTRACES Pacific Meridional Transect along 152° W to support a large variety of individual science projects on trace element and isotope (TEI) biogeochemistry that will follow. Thus, the major objectives of this management proposal are: (1) plan and coordinate a 60 day research cruise in 2018; (2) obtain representative samples for a wide variety of TEIs using a conventional CTD/rosette, GEOTRACES Trace Element Sampling Systems, and in situ pumps; (3) acquire conventional CTD hydrographic data along with discrete samples for salinity, dissolved oxygen, algal pigments, and dissolved nutrients at micro- and nanomolar levels; (4) ensure that proper QA/QC protocols are followed and reported, as well as fulfilling all GEOTRACES intercalibration protocols; (5) prepare and deliver all hydrographic data to the GEOTRACES Data Assembly Centre (via the US BCO-DMO data center); and (6) coordinate all cruise communications between investigators, including preparation of a hydrographic report/publication. This project would also provide baseline measurements of TEIs in the Clarion-Clipperton fracture zone (~7.5°N-17°N, ~155°W-115°W) where large-scale deep sea mining is planned. Environmental impact assessments are underway in partnership with the mining industry, but the effect of mining activities on TEIs in the water column is one that could be uniquely assessed by the GEOTRACES community. In support of efforts to communicate the science to a wide audience the investigators will recruit an early career freelance science journalist with interests in marine science and oceanography to participate on the cruise and do public outreach, photography and/or videography, and social media from the ship, as well as to submit articles about the research to national media. The project would also support several graduate students.
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_end_date String 2020-07
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_geolocation String Pacific Meridional Transect along 152W (GP15)
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_name String US GEOTRACES Pacific Meridional Transect
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_project_nid String 695926
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_project_website String http://www.usgeotraces.org/USGEOTRACES_website/html/pacific-alaska.html (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_0_start_date String 2017-08
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_1_acronym String PMT Be-7
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_1_description String NSF Award Abstract:
The goal of the international GEOTRACES program is to understand the distributions of trace chemical elements and their isotopes in the oceans. One of the stated goals in the GEOTRACES Science Plan is to "create a unique opportunity for exploration and discovery by determining the distributions of novel trace elements and isotopes (TEIs) that have received little attention to date." This is a proposal to make measurements of one such species, the radioactive isotope beryllium-7 which will provide important biogeochemical rate information pertinent to the TEIs that will be measured during the 2018 U.S. GEOTRACES Pacific Meridional transect from Tahiti to Alaska. Many processes in the ocean cannot be directly observed and as such, tracers are used to provide important constraints on their rates and pathways. Beryllium-7 is a tracer that, because of its half-life (53.3 days), allows the study of processes which occur over time scales and depth scales that are otherwise difficult to obtain but which are critically important to studies of biological production, nutrient regeneration, and atmospheric deposition, to name a few. Advances in sampling and analytical techniques, coupled with a better understanding of the behavior of Be-7 in ocean biogeochemical cycles, present an opportunity to fully utilize this tracer.
The proposed work has three main components:
1) Measurements of Be-7 in the surface waters and in the lower atmosphere along the cruise track will provide estimates of the atmospheric input of relevant TEIs. The atmospheric input into the global ocean is an important budgetary component of numerous chemical species, yet is very difficult to constrain. The data generated in this work will be available to allow ground-truthing of models of aerosol deposition and atmospheric input of trace elements.
2) Water column measurements of Be-7 provide a tracer of physical processes, such as mixing and upwelling, which redistribute biologically active species. Given quantitative knowledge of the circulation, mixing and ventilation of the water masses within which TEIs reside allows an assessment of the time- and space-integrated in situ biogeochemical behavior of these elements.
3) The rate of oxygen utilization within the upper thermocline will be determined by water column measurements of Be-7 coupled with collected hydrographic data and observed oxygen distributions. The seasonal timescale afforded by Be-7 is ideal for estimating OUR within the shallow water just beneath the euphotic zone, where the most significant C remineralization is occurring. The project will support undergraduate student researchers at Florida International University, a leading minority serving institution. Lead investigator Kadko will participate in the Nippon Foundation - Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans Center of Excellence (NF-POGO CofE), a unique platform which aims to provide world class training programs for students from emerging countries. Kadko will be offering an advanced topic course in chemical oceanography to these students during a stay at the Alfred Wegener Institute of Polar Studies. This outreach effort is consistent with the capacity building and educational goals of GEOTRACES as well as promoting international collaboration.
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_1_end_date String 2020-08
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_1_name String GEOTRACES Pacific Meridional Transect: Measurement of Beryllium-7 as a Tracer of Upper Ocean Processes
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_1_project_nid String 781790
attribute NC_GLOBAL projects_1_start_date String 2017-09
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_name String Biological and Chemical Oceanographic Data Management Office (BCO-DMO)
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_type String institution
attribute NC_GLOBAL sourceUrl String (local files)
attribute NC_GLOBAL Southernmost_Northing double 22.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL standard_name_vocabulary String CF Standard Name Table v55
attribute NC_GLOBAL summary String Aerosol and seawater beryllium-7 concentrations from Leg 1 (Seattle, WA to Hilo, HI) of the US GEOTRACES Pacific Meridional Transect (PMT) cruise (GP15, RR1814) on R/V Roger Revelle from September to October 2018.
attribute NC_GLOBAL time_coverage_end String 2018-10-19T22:15Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL time_coverage_start String 2018-09-20T01:10Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL title String Aerosol and seawater beryllium-7 concentrations from Leg 1 (Seattle, WA to Hilo, HI) of the US GEOTRACES Pacific Meridional Transect (PMT) cruise (GP15, RR1814) on R/V Roger Revelle from September to October 2018.
attribute NC_GLOBAL version String 1
attribute NC_GLOBAL Westernmost_Easting double -155.72
attribute NC_GLOBAL xml_source String osprey2erddap.update_xml() v1.3
variable Station_ID   byte  
attribute Station_ID _FillValue byte 127
attribute Station_ID actual_range byte 4, 18
attribute Station_ID bcodmo_name String station
attribute Station_ID description String Station number
attribute Station_ID long_name String Station ID
attribute Station_ID units String unitless
variable Start_Date_UTC   String  
attribute Start_Date_UTC bcodmo_name String date
attribute Start_Date_UTC description String Start date (UTC); format: YYYY-mm-dd
attribute Start_Date_UTC long_name String Start Date UTC
attribute Start_Date_UTC nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/ADATAA01/ (external link)
attribute Start_Date_UTC time_precision String 1970-01-01
attribute Start_Date_UTC units String unitless
variable Start_Time_UTC   String  
attribute Start_Time_UTC bcodmo_name String time
attribute Start_Time_UTC description String Start time (UTC); format: HH:MM
attribute Start_Time_UTC long_name String Start Time UTC
attribute Start_Time_UTC nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/AHMSAA01/ (external link)
attribute Start_Time_UTC units String unitless
variable time   double  
attribute time _CoordinateAxisType String Time
attribute time actual_range double 1.5374058E9, 1.5399873E9
attribute time axis String T
attribute time bcodmo_name String ISO_DateTime_UTC
attribute time description String Start date and time (UTC) formatted to ISO8601 standard; format: YYYY-mm-ddTHH:MMZ
attribute time ioos_category String Time
attribute time long_name String Start ISO Date Time UTC
attribute time nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/DTUT8601/ (external link)
attribute time source_name String Start_ISO_DateTime_UTC
attribute time standard_name String time
attribute time time_origin String 01-JAN-1970 00:00:00
attribute time time_precision String 1970-01-01T00:00Z
attribute time units String seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
variable End_Date_UTC   String  
attribute End_Date_UTC bcodmo_name String date
attribute End_Date_UTC description String End date (UTC); format: YYYY-mm-dd
attribute End_Date_UTC long_name String End Date UTC
attribute End_Date_UTC nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/ADATAA01/ (external link)
attribute End_Date_UTC units String unitless
variable End_Time_UTC   String  
attribute End_Time_UTC bcodmo_name String time
attribute End_Time_UTC description String End time (UTC); format: HH:MM
attribute End_Time_UTC long_name String End Time UTC
attribute End_Time_UTC nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/AHMSAA01/ (external link)
attribute End_Time_UTC units String unitless
variable End_ISO_DateTime_UTC   String  
attribute End_ISO_DateTime_UTC bcodmo_name String ISO_DateTime_UTC
attribute End_ISO_DateTime_UTC description String End date and time (UTC) formatted to ISO8601 standard; format: YYYY-mm-ddTHH:MMZ
attribute End_ISO_DateTime_UTC long_name String End ISO Date Time UTC
attribute End_ISO_DateTime_UTC nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/DTUT8601/ (external link)
attribute End_ISO_DateTime_UTC units String unitless
variable latitude   double  
attribute latitude _CoordinateAxisType String Lat
attribute latitude _FillValue double NaN
attribute latitude actual_range double 22.0, 55.08
attribute latitude axis String Y
attribute latitude bcodmo_name String latitude
attribute latitude colorBarMaximum double 90.0
attribute latitude colorBarMinimum double -90.0
attribute latitude description String Start latitude; positive values = North
attribute latitude ioos_category String Location
attribute latitude long_name String Latitude
attribute latitude nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P09/current/LATX/ (external link)
attribute latitude source_name String Start_Latitude
attribute latitude standard_name String latitude
attribute latitude units String degrees_north
variable longitude   double  
attribute longitude _CoordinateAxisType String Lon
attribute longitude _FillValue double NaN
attribute longitude actual_range double -155.72, -129.04
attribute longitude axis String X
attribute longitude bcodmo_name String longitude
attribute longitude colorBarMaximum double 180.0
attribute longitude colorBarMinimum double -180.0
attribute longitude description String Start longitude; positive values = East
attribute longitude ioos_category String Location
attribute longitude long_name String Longitude
attribute longitude nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P09/current/LONX/ (external link)
attribute longitude source_name String Start_Longitude
attribute longitude standard_name String longitude
attribute longitude units String degrees_east
variable End_Latitude   float  
attribute End_Latitude _FillValue float NaN
attribute End_Latitude actual_range float 22.0, 54.66
attribute End_Latitude bcodmo_name String latitude
attribute End_Latitude colorBarMaximum double 90.0
attribute End_Latitude colorBarMinimum double -90.0
attribute End_Latitude description String End latitude; positive values = North
attribute End_Latitude long_name String Latitude
attribute End_Latitude nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P09/current/LATX/ (external link)
attribute End_Latitude standard_name String latitude
attribute End_Latitude units String decimal degrees
variable End_Longitude   float  
attribute End_Longitude _FillValue float NaN
attribute End_Longitude actual_range float -155.17, -135.286
attribute End_Longitude bcodmo_name String longitude
attribute End_Longitude colorBarMaximum double 180.0
attribute End_Longitude colorBarMinimum double -180.0
attribute End_Longitude description String End longitude; positive values = East
attribute End_Longitude long_name String Longitude
attribute End_Longitude nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P09/current/LONX/ (external link)
attribute End_Longitude standard_name String longitude
attribute End_Longitude units String decimal degrees
variable Event_ID   short  
attribute Event_ID _FillValue short 32767
attribute Event_ID actual_range short 6504, 6766
attribute Event_ID bcodmo_name String event
attribute Event_ID description String Event number
attribute Event_ID long_name String Event ID
attribute Event_ID nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P01/current/EVTAGFL/ (external link)
attribute Event_ID units String unitless
variable Sample_ID   short  
attribute Sample_ID _FillValue short 32767
attribute Sample_ID actual_range short 12318, 13866
attribute Sample_ID bcodmo_name String sample
attribute Sample_ID description String GEOTRACES sample number
attribute Sample_ID long_name String Sample ID
attribute Sample_ID nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P02/current/ACYC/ (external link)
attribute Sample_ID units String unitless
variable depth   double  
attribute depth _CoordinateAxisType String Height
attribute depth _CoordinateZisPositive String down
attribute depth _FillValue double NaN
attribute depth actual_range double 17.0, 137.0
attribute depth axis String Z
attribute depth bcodmo_name String depth
attribute depth description String Sample depth
attribute depth ioos_category String Location
attribute depth long_name String Sample Depth
attribute depth nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P09/current/DEPH/ (external link)
attribute depth positive String down
attribute depth standard_name String depth
attribute depth units String m
variable Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e   float  
attribute Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e _FillValue float NaN
attribute Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e actual_range float 0.3067, 4.8917
attribute Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e bcodmo_name String metal_conc_air
attribute Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e description String Concentration (or activity) for total Be-7 in aerosols (No leaching)
attribute Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e long_name String Be 7 A T CONC HIVOL Pv5z9e
attribute Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P02/current/MTAT/ (external link)
attribute Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e units String milliBecquerel per cubic meter (mBq/m3)
variable SD1_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e   float  
attribute SD1_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e _FillValue float NaN
attribute SD1_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e actual_range float 0.0255, 0.1565
attribute SD1_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e bcodmo_name String metal_conc_air
attribute SD1_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e description String One standard deviation of Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e
attribute SD1_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e long_name String SD1 Be 7 A T CONC HIVOL Pv5z9e
attribute SD1_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P02/current/MTAT/ (external link)
attribute SD1_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e units String mBq/m3
variable Flag_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e   byte  
attribute Flag_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e _FillValue byte 127
attribute Flag_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e actual_range byte 2, 2
attribute Flag_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e bcodmo_name String q_flag
attribute Flag_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e colorBarMaximum double 150.0
attribute Flag_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute Flag_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e description String Quality flag for Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e
attribute Flag_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e long_name String Flag Be 7 A T CONC HIVOL Pv5z9e
attribute Flag_Be_7_A_T_CONC_HIVOL_pv5z9e units String unitless
variable Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr   short  
attribute Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr _FillValue short 32767
attribute Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr actual_range short 11, 8480
attribute Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr bcodmo_name String trace_metal_conc
attribute Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr description String Seawater Be-7 activity or concentration
attribute Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr long_name String Be 7 D CONC PUMP Kzmaqr
attribute Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P03/current/C035/ (external link)
attribute Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr units String microBecquerels per kilogram (uBq/kg)
variable SD1_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr   float  
attribute SD1_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr _FillValue float NaN
attribute SD1_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr actual_range float 65.7, 450.0
attribute SD1_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr bcodmo_name String trace_metal_conc
attribute SD1_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr description String One standard deviation of Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr
attribute SD1_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr long_name String SD1 Be 7 D CONC PUMP Kzmaqr
attribute SD1_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr nerc_identifier String https://vocab.nerc.ac.uk/collection/P03/current/C035/ (external link)
attribute SD1_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr units String uBq/kg
variable Flag_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr   byte  
attribute Flag_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr _FillValue byte 127
attribute Flag_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr actual_range byte 2, 2
attribute Flag_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr bcodmo_name String q_flag
attribute Flag_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr colorBarMaximum double 150.0
attribute Flag_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute Flag_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr description String Quality flag for Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr
attribute Flag_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr long_name String Flag Be 7 D CONC PUMP Kzmaqr
attribute Flag_Be_7_D_CONC_PUMP_kzmaqr units String unitless

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